False Memory Syndrome Foundation

by Shane Stephenson

Competed another collection for the Center for Inquiry recently. Its the records and papers of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. The foundation was established in 1992 by Pam & Peter Freyd during the height of the "recovered memory" movement, in which therapists all over the country and the world were accused of implanting memories into patients they were meeting with. This usually took the form of some sort of child abuse, usually sexual. The Freyds were falsely accused by their daughter, and decided to start this foundation to help others. While this is still a working foundation, their work is coming to an end, and the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, NY received their business records. It included records newsletters, family correspondence, articles of cases around the country, depositions in certain cases that went to trial, conference information, journals and information on staff and Board members. The collection is currently being made available to researchers, but some information to protect family names will not be available. The foundation created an index of each family correspondence with a number, and that is how it is searchable. I was happy to take on this second project for the Center of Inquiry and look forward to future projects.