The Martin Orne Collection

by Shane Stephenson

I had the honor of being hired contractually from the Center for Inquiry to process a huge collection from Dr. Martin Orne of Philadelphia. During his lifetime Orne published over 150 scientific articles, contributed to numerous books, book reviews, and encyclopedic entries relating to hypnosis and Orne’s testimonies in state and federal cases across the country and the world resulted in widely adopted guidelines restricting the use of hypnosis in forensic cases on the federal level. His expertise was used in cases such as Patty Hearst, John DeLorean, The Hillside Strangler (Kenneth Bianchi), Ted Bundy, William Milligan, and many cases of false memory. This collection is 15 cabinets, and thousands of folders. The finding aid I created for this collection is 77 pages long. Needless to say I had to have a second pair of eyes review it for corrections. It was a great project! I learned so much about Dr. Orne's life, and now the collection is ready to be shared with the researches around the world.