Buffalo's East Side Industry

by Shane Stephenson

I am happy to report that I have been accepted as an author for Arcadia Publishing's "Images of America" Series! These historic image books usually center around a specific theme, and if my research is correct there have been about 12 books done about Buffalo and Western New York. I am putting together a historic image book called "Buffalo's East Side Industry". 

Due to the space and the rail-lines, the East Side became the hub of Buffalo business for a century. Looking at a Buffalo Chamber of Commerce map from 1932 shows there were about 110 businesses on the east side that employed 40 or more individuals. This book hopes to visually document some of those businesses. I also hope to make the connection between places of work, and livable neighborhoods, as many on the east side popped up and grew based around industry!

I have been in contact with many great people and organizations that are willing to assist with historic pictures and as an added bonus, Arcadia Publishing and my editor, Sharon McAllister is allowing for a chapter, or at least some (10 - 15) images to be used from today, showing what happens to neighborhoods when industry packs up and leaves. 

All materials are due in August, 2015 and I hope the book will be ready in time for the holidays this year.