Frances Folsom Cleveland Collection

by Shane Stephenson

It is with great pleasure that I have been working with Mark Evans, the foremost collector of memorabilia and ephemera on Frances Folsom Cleveland, Grover Cleveland's wife. The collection is going to be displayed at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Buffalo from July 21 through Labor Day weekend. In addition to working with Mark, Megan from the Karpeles Manuscript Museum is also working on getting the collection properly exhibited. For the past few weeks, we have been organizing the collection and staging the exhibit behind closed doors to make sure that most of the pieces will be displayed properly. 

Frances Folsom is the only native born Buffalonian to occupy the White House, and since she was so young (21 when she married in a White House ceremony) she took the nation by storm with her youth and zeal. 

I am looking forward to continuing the work with Mark and Megan to stage the best exhibit possible for the public when it opens on July 21!

Here is a look at her wikipedia page: