Buffalo History Museum Photo Shop?

by Shane Stephenson

Yes, there's now - finally - a shop where you can purchase photos from the massive photo collection at the Buffalo History Museum, my employer. For the past few months, I have been helping to create on the online store and have worked hard to select photos that I think people in Buffalo, from Buffalo, would be interested in purchasing. This project is the collaboration between the Buffalo History Museum Library and Archive and The Digital Ark Corp., based in Providence RI. Cynthia Van Ness, library director, and some excellent employees began this process. While I have assisted with its launch, it is a project that has many mothers and fathers! Please visit the website: www.buffalohistorystore.org to see some of the awesome and hopefully, enlightening, pictures of Buffalo. More pictures will be added as the months go on!

I have to say two of my favorite pictures are:



The first picture is from 1865, one of the oldest photos we have of the thriving business along the Buffalo river at the Commercial Slip, which has recently been transformed and the second is...well, it would be interesting to hear where people think this picture is taken...a hint: a major street on Buffalo's west side!