Forest Lawn Presentation

by Shane Stephenson

I am going to be giving a presentation on the records at Forest Lawn to help get the word out regarding what can be accessed when the new Margaret L. Wendt Archive and Resource Center opens in 2014. This powerpoint presentation will hopefully give attendees good information regarding the history of Forest Lawn, and some records that can be used for genealogical/ancestral research or for those individuals with a historical bent who are interested in learning about Buffalo's great rural cemetery!

The event is being held at the Chapel at Forest Lawn on January 26th at 2pm and the cost is $15. If interested in attending, please visit or call the office at 885-1600. This talk is part of their "Getting to Know Forest Lawn" series and in addition to my presentation, there are three other presentations within this series, which will discuss: 1) The Artwork of Forest Lawn, 2) Returning the forest to Forest Lawn, and 3) Forest Lawn - Older sister to Delaware Park.