To begin with...what is an archivist and what is archiving?

by Shane Stephenson

Archivist, n. ~ 1) An individual responsible for appraising, acquiring, arranging, descriing, preserving, and providing access to records of enduring value. 

                      2) An individual with responsibility for management and oversight of an archival repository or of records of enduring value.  

Archives, n. ~ Materials created or received by a person, family, or organization, public or private, in the conduct of their affairs and preserved because of the enduring value contained in the information they contain or as evidence of the functions and responsibilities of their creator. 

So - an archivist works to preserve records, family or business, of enduring value created in the conduct of everyday affairs and to provide access to these records of enduring value - as the saying goes: Archivists make it last longer!!