The Music Men

by Shane Stephenson

Well, I have done a lot of work on the Jackie Jocko/Joe Peter's collection. It has been so interesting to meet them, to listen to their stories and to participate in the preservation of their musical history. The finding aid for this collection is coming along nicely. I broke the collection into different series:

Series I - Media: Albums, Cassettes and CD

Series II - Media: Sheet Music

Series III - Media: Correspondence, News Articles, and Photographs

I have added some pictures under the gallery section of the website, and hope to add a couple of more before it is all done. Working with David Granville, who is overseeing the project with Jackie and Joe, we are going to begin working on answering the questions of:

What materials should be scanned into electronic/digital format?

What should be done with their recordings - should these also be digitized? 

Should a dedicated website be established to present Jackie and Joe to a new audience? 

I look forward to figuring out the answers to these questions, as there is a great desire to get Jackie and Joe's history told to a larger audience. I will certainly be documenting everything here at Archives in the Buff!