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Buffalo's East Side Industry and Larkin Company Talks

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After a successful semester with University Express, where I delivered seven book talks on Buffalo's East Side Industry and The Larkin Company, I will be at it again this coming Spring. I've scheduled for five talks already for May and June, 2018. More's coming no doubt! I keep saying to the various schedulers that the Larkin book won't be ready until October, 2018, but they say they'd still like me to speak on it. Looking forward to another semester with University Express!

False Memory Syndrome Foundation

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Competed another collection for the Center for Inquiry recently. Its the records and papers of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. The foundation was established in 1992 by Pam & Peter Freyd during the height of the "recovered memory" movement, in which therapists all over the country and the world were accused of implanting memories into patients they were meeting with. This usually took the form of some sort of child abuse, usually sexual. The Freyds were falsely accused by their daughter, and decided to start this foundation to help others. While this is still a working foundation, their work is coming to an end, and the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, NY received their business records. It included records newsletters, family correspondence, articles of cases around the country, depositions in certain cases that went to trial, conference information, journals and information on staff and Board members. The collection is currently being made available to researchers, but some information to protect family names will not be available. The foundation created an index of each family correspondence with a number, and that is how it is searchable. I was happy to take on this second project for the Center of Inquiry and look forward to future projects. 

Broadway Market

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Today completed my 6 days at the Broadway Market for the Easter Season. What an experience being there for those weekends leading up to Easter and then today for the Dyngus Day. I was there promoting and selling my book, "Buffalo's East Side Industry" and I sold 111 copies of the book over those six days. I met a lot of people who told me there stories and memories about growing up on the East Side and learned a lot about businesses that were not in the book. It was a real pleasure meeting everyone and seeing what it's like at the Broadway Market during this season. 

Lucy Bensley Center

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I've been working with the ladies from the Lucy Bensley Center, one of the buildings of the Town of Concord Historical Society. They've asked me to create an index of their books and newspapers as they have never had an index like this completed before. They have many anti-slavery books and pamphlets in their collection, along with hundreds of other books, but never had any easy way of getting to them. There are diaries, autograph books, and books on general history. The index is getting long, but it gives me great pleasure to be working with them and assisting in developing the "access" to archiving - making materials searchable and findable!

In the gallery section is an image from an autography book from 1855. It was from one school friend to another and has a lovely 1 stanza poem written to the owner of the autograph book. 

The Martin Orne Collection

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I had the honor of being hired contractually from the Center for Inquiry to process a huge collection from Dr. Martin Orne of Philadelphia. During his lifetime Orne published over 150 scientific articles, contributed to numerous books, book reviews, and encyclopedic entries relating to hypnosis and Orne’s testimonies in state and federal cases across the country and the world resulted in widely adopted guidelines restricting the use of hypnosis in forensic cases on the federal level. His expertise was used in cases such as Patty Hearst, John DeLorean, The Hillside Strangler (Kenneth Bianchi), Ted Bundy, William Milligan, and many cases of false memory. This collection is 15 cabinets, and thousands of folders. The finding aid I created for this collection is 77 pages long. Needless to say I had to have a second pair of eyes review it for corrections. It was a great project! I learned so much about Dr. Orne's life, and now the collection is ready to be shared with the researches around the world.